Outdoor Lighting

Are LED landscape lights more cost effective than halogen lights?

The initial investment for LED bulbs is greater than halogen bulbs. However, in terms of energy usage, LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and last up to 80% longer. Thus, the overall costs of LED bulbs are less over time.

Will the lighting installation process effect my plants?

No. Our team members will lay out the wires in a manner that will not cause any detrimental effects to landscape plants. The wires will be buried by hand and covered to ensure they are not visible in the landscape. On occasion, it will be necessary to prune existing landscape plantings to ensure the best light can be viewed. A team member will talk with you prior to pruning any plant or tree for lighting effect.

What is the transformer and how does it work?

The transformer is plugged into an existing 120V outlet on the property. The transformer converts the 120V to 12V of electricity that is used for the low voltage lights. All of the low voltage landscape lights are wired to the transformer. The transformer is a grounded unit, which provides additional protection to the lighting system and electric service.

Can I change the colors of my outdoor landscape lights?

Yes. RadiantScapes has lighting options that include the ability to change the colors of your landscape lights. This is done through an app on your mobile phone or other device. You can set each light to different colors or group lights together to have a bold color effect. Please consult one of our sales team members today to discuss which options will work best for you.

Can I control my outdoor landscape lights with dimmers?

Yes. RadiantScapes has options available to you that allows the landscape lights to be dimmed independently or in groups. Contact us today to speak with a sales professional for more information.

What type of lighting fixtures does RadiantScapes install?

RadiantScapes only installs professional quality all brass lighting fixtures. Unlike many cheap aluminum fixtures, such as those sold by home improvement stores and some low-ball contractors, brass fixtures are designed and built to withstand the elements of nature. All brass fixtures come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Contact us today for a free consultation and to see a sample of the fixtures we install.


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