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It is our greatest heart's desire that this beautiful planet, our home, be preserved. We have the opportunity to contribute to this every day with our decisions. 

Nella & Sina
The mother-daughter duo behind the jewelry




Since 1998 I have been a freelance jewellery designer and create pieces of jewellery in ever new variations. Besides necklaces and bracelets, rings and pendants, I am especially fascinated by ear jewellery. This visionary appearance that is comfortable to wear without pierced ears and can be easily hooked into the auricle, we call Ear Cuffs.

In 2007 I created my own design line, the Rosali family©, which is exclusively dedicated to this theme. The result is an extraordinarily timeless range of jewellery objects, which nestle harmoniously to the ear in delicate, flowing shapes and create a unique style. This special ear jewellery is not only worn in an innovative way, but in its primary function as a decorative element it gives its wearer an effective and aesthetic presence.

Even after 20 years I still feel the magic and attraction of this work. A wonderful and inspiring work, in which I can completely forget myself and at the same time find myself again. I am full of gratitude and happiness for this gift that fills my life so much.



Since 2011 I have grown into the family business with increasing tasks. I love extraordinary jewellery and its unlimited design possibilities in form and expression. It is always exciting and fascinating to follow the individual development steps to the finished piece of jewellery.


In 2016, I took over the management of the marketing department as well as online and direct sales. My tasks include the support in the area of corporate identity and thus the responsibility for the entire appearance of the company. For me, this occasionally includes the photography of product images and portraits.

In addition to the design aspects, I also take care of the organization and planning of events such as fairs, craft markets, country parties and Christmas markets. There it is a great pleasure for me to accompany the wearer in search of his ideal Ear Cuff. 


And as you might have guessed, I am also responsible for the content on our social media platforms.

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