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Image by Glen Carrie

The little elephant

That is Asante. It comes from the depths of South Africa and is the face of our company.

His ears can grow up to 2 m², which automatically makes him the right man for this job. Because, as you may have guessed, our world is often about ears!

The little elephant is our power animal on the way to the journey to ourselves, which brings us today to a point where we can finally start for our heart topics! We don't just design jewelry.

We are yoga fans, make music and climb mountains. We can spend hours on our spirituality or deal with sustainability and healthy eating. We are people who deal with life, its many facets, its polarity and the questions we ask ourselves as visitors to this planet.

"Asante" comes from African and means "thank you". Because gratitude and joy fill us when we not only share our beautiful jewelry with you, but also our philosophy of life.

And as much as this jewelry gives us great pleasure, Asante, the little elephant, should always give us it remember what is most important in life:Peace, love and freedom.


Elephants are fascinating animals. Big and strong, with a pronounced social behavior and the famous Elephant memory. But elephants are also threatened. Poaching has made a bloody comeback in Africa. Tens of thousands of elephants are killed annually for their tusks. In Asia, elephants are misused as tourist attractions and suffer from loss of their habitat. Only consistent elephant protection can help. We help the elephants, fight against the ivory trade and against abuse as a mount or leisure activities for tourists.

Image by Tobin Rogers

With your help, Pro Wildlife can:

• Financing on-site projects such as:

- Elephant orphanage in Zambia

- Elephant Transit Home Sri Lanka


• negotiate for better protection of elephants


• fight for elephant-friendly tourism


• campaign against ivory trade


• Fund projects against poaching


• against big game hunting and trophy hunting

If you want to help you will find

here a donation form from Pro Wildlife.

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