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Jewelry care

Take care of your treasures

Our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. The golden ones also have a high-quality 24kt  multiple gilding. So that you can enjoy your treasures for a long time, we present the most important tips for caring for and storing your jewelery here.



Keep your jewelry exposed to moisture, sunlight, and heat as little as possible. Since the materials of jewelry can react with air, discoloration may occur over time. Direct sunlight can also cause the color to fade or change, especially in the case of gemstones.  


The best way to store your jewelry is airtight and protected from light. To avoid scratches, it is best to store each piece of jewelry separately.  Whether it's a jewelry box, drawer or bedside table - your jewelry is best protected this way. Our small jewelry boxes, which you receive with your order from us, are also very suitable for storing jewelry.


With time and wear, sterling silver will naturally oxidize and eventually tarnish, giving it a gray appearance. The extent to which jewelry tarnishes depends on various factors such as skin type and care habits. Perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray and chlorine as well as the acidic pH levels of the skin can accelerate this process.

Cleaning your beloved jewelry makes a big difference.  All you need is lukewarm water, a soft cloth and mild soap. You can use the silver cleaning cloth or a toothbrush to go over the jewelry in a circular motion to bring back the shine of the precious metal. It is important that your jewelry is completely dry again before you put it back in your jewelry box. 

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