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Sustainability and ethics

This earth is our home. Nature is our origin. We are all connected to it. It is our greatest heart's desire that this beautiful planet, our home, be preserved. We have the opportunity to contribute to this every day with our decisions. That is why we focus all our attention on making our business as sustainable and fair as possible.

Our mission is to bring environmentally friendly, ethical jewellery into the world and to inspire people for sustainability and conscious consumption to make the world a little greener.


Made in Germany

Our partners

Sustainability begins with the origin of a material and extends to the entire production process of a piece of jewelry. Our jewelry is produced in Germany, without exception, right up to the gold plating/ refining. This is the only way to ensure fair and social working conditions.

Local production allows us to ensure a careful and fair influence on the manufacturing process as well as a continuous quality control of every single piece of jewellery. Our investment casting foundry produces according to the highest German standards. The material of our gold and silver refinery Agosi is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC, based in London) in Germany. Responsible business practice with regard to corporate ethics, human rights and environmental responsibility is a top priority there.


The association has existed since 2005  Responsible Jewelery Council  (RJC), which certifies sustainable jewelry. The non-profit certification organization controls the environmental impact, human and labor rights in the jewelry industry and prohibits corruption, smuggling, embezzlement and kickbacks.

Materia und Verpackung

Materials and packaging

Instead of obtaining new raw materials, we rely on recycled and fairly obtained materials. It does not always have to be new, what shines! We use 100% recycled silver and gold (925). The other components of your jewelry, such as gemstones, pearls or shells, are also obtained in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner. You can find out more about our material here.


We also obtain our packaging materials from  sustainably working companies such as the environmental printer and Biobiene . Advertising material and packaging are climate-neutral, printed with vegan vegetable oil-based inks and produced with solar power.

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