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New with us: matt rose gold!

Our much sought-after rose gold is finally also available in a matt version. We only allow the Lucy model on your order  frosted  gild. Because of this, the delivery time can be up to  2 weeks  be. It's worth the wait! Matted rose gold has a subtle effect and is gentle on your skin.  here  you will find an overview of our materials.


PriceFrom €49.00
  • This wide ear cuff was named after the cow Lucy. Lucy  has such beautiful horns. She has a calm character and enjoys her peaceful life. Let the animals live  tried to free their mom last year and headed for the Lebenshof  to fetch. It failed, she is one of the “best dairy cows” on the farm. The owner will exploit her until she is no longer, and until then many more babies will be taken from her. The Union  gives  not hoping that Lucy’s mom  one day may also go to the Lebenshof.

    With the purchase of an ear cuff from the Ahimsa collection  supports you let the animals live eV ,  to give animals like Lucy a life of peace. 

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