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Rosali family

What material are your collections made of?

We work with recycled silver and certified gold. After casting, the 925 sterling silver is coated with fine silver to give it a high gloss. Yellow gold and rose gold consist of 18-24 carat gold. The certified gold also has a barrier layer made of palladium and tarnish protection. High quality, fairness and sustainability are our first priority.

How do the ear cuffs hold?

95% of all people have a pronounced hollowing of the auricle and offer 

thus the earring the necessary support. In addition, the distance between the piece of jewelery is individual 

adjustable by regulating the upper part of the ring.


Not convinced yet? Check out our Ear Cuff Guide . There you can see how safely the ear cuffs are inserted.

What is the difference between the small / large Sina from the  Rosali collection? 

Our most popular model from the Rosali collection is the 'Sina with crystal', which we offer in two different sizes due to popular demand. You can roughly say: for a small and a large ear. The 'little Sina with crystal' with a total length of 2.8cm is perfect for a small ear. The 'large Sina with crystal' has a total length of 3.5 cm and differs in its ring circumference of approx. 3 mm from the small model. The upper part of the ring can be optimized by slightly bending it so that it surrounds the ear comfortably and without causing pressure points. If you are still not sure, we are happy to help you in the Ear Cuff Guide .

Is it possible to get your jewelry in matt rose gold? 

From now on you can also order all models in matt rose gold directly from the online shop! Since we only gild this variant upon request, the waiting time can be up to 2 weeks.

How do I use ear cuffs?

Insert ear cuffs correctly in 4 steps: Click here to go directly to our handling

What is the difference between the matt and the glossy finish? 

You will find an overview of our finishes in the Ear Cuff Guide.

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