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This fine ear cuff was named after the gander Pablo  named.  Pablo is an all-rounder. The super fine cuff can be combined so beautifully. We find Pablo particularly enchanting in the match with rose or yellow gold models from the Ahimsa collection. Pablo is also an exciting eye-catcher when worn twice or three times! 


New with us: matt rose gold!

Our much sought-after rose gold is finally also available in a matt version. We only allow the Pablo model on your order  frosted  gild. Because of this, the delivery time can be up to  2 weeks  be. It's worth the wait! Matted rose gold has a subtle effect and is gentle on your skin.  here  you will find an overview of our materials.


PriceFrom €32.00
  • This fine ear cuff was named after the gander Pablo  named. Pablo (Picasso) is a Pomeranian Goose and has been living on the farm of Lasst die Tiere Leben eV since this year. Many geese do not experience their first birthday because they lose their lives at Christmas for the "festival of love". Pablo comes from a very bad posture. On the Lebenshof  from Let the animals live  can he just be and live with his fellow species.  With the purchase of an ear cuff from the Ahimsa collection  supports you let the animals live eV ,  to give animals like Pablo a life in peace. 

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