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This finely turned one  Ear cuff was named after the sheep  Lotte  named.  The model looks very magical in a double pack or with the twin sister Luise.


New with us: matt rose gold!

Our much sought-after rose gold is finally also available in a matt version. We only allow the Lotte model on your order  frosted  gild. Because of this, the delivery time can be up to  2 weeks  be. It's worth the wait! Matted rose gold has a subtle effect and is gentle on your skin.  here  you will find an overview of our materials.


PriceFrom €39.00
  • This finely twisted ear cuff was named after Lotte the sheep.Luise & Lotte - are one heart and one soul, linked by an invisible bond, stick together like pitch and brimstone, resemble each other like one tofu to another, almost at least. 
    It's the double Lottchen, twin pair. And although they are fundamentally different, they are never far from each other: Luise, the braver and more extroverted of the two, and Lotte, more cautious and thoughtful. They share their love with everyone who also wants to cuddle, and best of all always!

    By purchasing an ear cuff from the Ahimsa collection you are supportingLet the animals live e.V., about animals like Luise & To give Lotte a life in peace. 

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