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This  Ear Cuff was named after the little sheep Gosha. 



PriceFrom €49.00
  • This ear cuff was named after the little sheep Gosha. Gosha is a female sheep and was christened Gosha by the YouTube duo "Vegan is Unhealthy" (Gordon and Aljosha). She has been on the Lebenshof in Hermersdorf since she was born and has never been separated from her mother.  After a whole day on the pasture with her mother and her sheep friends, Gosha can look forward to a safe and warm stable that will protect her. For many, the court of life is  just a nice place for animals, but for Gosha it is their home.  With the purchase of an ear cuff from the Ahimsa collection  supports you let the animals live eV ,  around animals like Gosha  to give a life of peace. 

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