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New with us: matt rose gold!

Our much sought-after rose gold is finally also available in a matt version. We only allow the James model on your order  frosted  gild. Because of this, the delivery time can be up to  2 weeks  be. It's worth the wait! Matted rose gold has a subtle effect and is gentle on your skin.  here  you will find an overview of our materials.


PriceFrom €49.00
  • The rustic ear clamp was named after de Ganter James. The association received via Whatsapp  Let the animals live  to pick up the 911 call for a ganter who had lost his partner to whom he was very attached. People noticed him because he was looking for his partner in his reflection on cars. It was "ransomed" and taken to a place where it was believed to be safe. But he wasn't, he was attacked by a dog there and then we were contacted. When he arrived at the farm, it was easy to see how much he was looking for closeness and security in people. His supervisor Valerie spent a lot of time with him and he slept with him at night  🙂. After 3 days he moved to the other geese. Pablo took care of him and Joey is often with him too. Now he doesn't need us that much anymore, but we can still serve apple and cucumber sticks by hand 😊.

    With the purchase of an ear cuff from the Ahimsa collection  supports you let the animals live eV ,  to give animals like James a life of peace. 

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