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Is Nella Ear Cuffs® an original dealer?

You are currently on the official Nella Ear Cuffs® website.

Here only the original Nella jewelry is sold directly to the customers.

Unfortunately, the Rosali collection © in particular has become the inspiration for numerous counterfeiters due to its quality and popularity. You can recognize the original on the inside of the piece of jewelery by the engraving ' Nelly' . If you buy through the Nella website, you can ensure that you only get fair original jewelry.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Orders are processed very quickly. Tell us what you would like to change by replying to the order confirmation that you received by email.  


To make use of the right to cancel, send us an e-mail as soon as possible or call our customer service .

How will I be informed about the dispatch of my order?

After your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation by email.

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