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Do you want to exchange something or send it back?

Return during the Christmas season

During the Christmas period, all products purchased online from 15.11.2020 can be returned and exchanged up to and including 30.12.2020.


You like the jewellery, but you need a different size? Just send us an e-mail:


If you are not satisfied with the delivered goods or they do not meet your expectations, you can return the delivery to us within 14 days (§ 4 AGB - right of withdrawal). We ask you to use the original packaging in case of return. Furthermore, we ask you to send the consignment to our address in Germany with sufficient postage and stating the order or invoice number.

Nella & Sina Günther

Kiefernstraße 2

49565 Bramsche


The costs of the return shipment are to be carried by the customer. Unfree return shipments will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender. After successful inspection we will send you a corresponding credit note as well as an identical booking for your previously selected payment method.

How can I ensure that the goods have arrived at NELLA?

As soon as we have received your return, we will refund you and you will receive a confirmation email from

How long will it take for my money to be credited after the return has been received?

Refunds can take up to 14 days, depending on the on the financial institution.


My jewellery is tarnishing, what to do?

Sterling silver can tarnish over time, that's quite normal. Perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray and chlorine as well as the acidic pH of the skin can accelerate this process. A tarnishing is not a manufacturing defect. How much the jewellery tarnishes (oxidises) depends on various factors such as the skin type and the care habits of the wearer. To make your jewellery shine again, we recommend a silver polishing paste.

My Nella jewellery was delivered damaged or defective. What can I do?

We deeply regret this. Please contact customer service.

I have received a wrong / faulty article or an article is missing

We regret this very much and ask you to excuse the mistake. Please contact customer service.

Can Nella jewelry be repaired?

This depends on various factors. Send us an e-mail with the picture of the piece of jewellery to If the model is repairable, we will do our best to repair the jewelry. There are small costs involved.


What material is the Rosali family made of?

We work with recycled silver and certified gold. The 925 sterling silver is coated with fine silver after the pouring to guarantee a high gloss. Yellow gold and rose gold are made of 18 carat gold. The certified gold also has a palladium barrier layer and tarnish protection. High quality, fairness and sustainability are our first priority.

How do the Ear Cuffs hold up?

95% of all people have a pronounced hollow in the auricle and thus offer the earring the necessary support. In addition, the distance of the piece of jewellery can be individually adjusted by regulating the upper part of the ring.

Not convinced yet? Visit us at our exhibitions. We will gladly explain the handling to you personally!

What is the difference between the small and the big Sina?

Our most popular model from the Rosali collection is the 'Sina with crystal', which we offer in two different sizes due to the great demand. Roughly speaking: for a small and a large ear. The 'small Sina with crystal' with a total length of 2,8cm is perfect for a small ear. The 'large Sina with crystal' has a total length of 3.5cm and differs in its ring circumference of about 3mm from the small model. The upper part of the ring can be slightly bent up to fit the ear comfortably and without causing pressure points. If you are still not sure, visit us at one of our many events where we can be found nationwide. You want to learn more about the different sizes? Then this article might interest you!

Is it possible to receive the models also in matte rose gold?

In our online shop you can only order in shiny rose gold.

However, if you prefer the matt surface customisation, you will have to accept a delivery time of four to six weeks. Please contact us for this.

How do I mount the models?

1. Hold the piece by the ring between your index finger and thumb.

Start by inserting the model in the upper third of the ear.

2. Only in the upper third is the insertion of the ear jewellery successful. Now you can turn the ring into the auricle with light pressure.

3. If the ear is surrounded by the ring, you can lead the model down to the bottom of the ear.


How long are your vouchers valid?

The vouchers are valid for one year after date of edition.